The 4 Steps to Purchasing a Home Successfully

Buying a new home can be difficult and challenging. The real estate agents at Thornton Properties understand the Chicago home market and specialize in South Loop properties. While the South Loop is our primary working area, we can help you find and close on the property that is just right for you. Below are some helpful tips on buying a new home. For additional assistance call or contact us today – we are here to help.


Before beginning a property search, it is important to determine your maximum buying power and get pre-qualified for a loan in order to:

  • Keep your search within your purchasing range.
  • Be comfortable throughout the buying process knowing exactly how much home you can afford.
  • Potentially obtain a better price on a property by showing the seller you are a qualified purchaser.

This crucial step will save you an incredible amount of time. If necessary, we can help secure a lender who is best qualified to serve you.


Target your search. There are many properties to choose from – a Thornton Properties' agent helps you focus your time on properties that match your requirements and fit in your budget. Your agent can provide objective information about the area and the property itself to ensure you are comfortable with every aspect of your decision.


Your Thornton Properties’ agent will conduct the negotiations for you based on your recommendations. Many sellers and sellers’ agents prefer to work with an objective individual who doesn’t become emotionally involved in the negotiations. This step can be daunting to a buyer who is unfamiliar with the process and our agents lead you through each step.


The process of appraisals, inspections, legal documentation and financing involves numerous possibilities for pitfalls. Your Thornton Properties’ agent helps you meet all requirements throughout the process so you can be sure the transaction is completed professionally and without error. Finally, your agent guides you through the closing process to complete the transaction.

When you’re ready to get started or just interested in more information on purchasing real estate, contact real estate professionals at Thornton Properties. We’re the real deal and we’re here to help.