Your Go-to Company for Chicago Real Estate Services

Thornton Properties’ agents are experts in today's Chicago real estate market. As a locally owned and operated company we are able to provide a higher level of personalized service than you will find at many of the larger brokerage firms.

Our agents provide superior service and professionalism throughout the sale of your home. Unmatched attention to detail and dedicated service make you feel as though you are our only client. Depending on your experience and desired degree of involvement, we will tailor our selling service plan to meet your real estate goals now and in the years to come.


First and foremost, Thornton Properties’ agents will be direct and honest with you in all communications. We are by your side from start to finish, explaining every step along the way, ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction.


We have experience evaluating property values and can identify market trends to help determine a pricing strategy for your property. This insight helps to maximize your investment and minimized missed opportunities as a result of improperly priced properties.


We use all strategies necessary to sell your property on your terms. Please view our Marketing Planning and Strategy for complete details.


Our agents attend scheduled showings. By attending the showings, we can “sell” your property to the client, answer any questions that may arise, gauge prospective buyer interest on the spot and provide the highest level of security and control. Depending on your desired level of involvement, our agents provide detailed feedback from showings.


Prior to listing, your Thornton Properties’ agent will provide staging tips if needed. And, based on feedback from other agents and prospective buyers, we notify you of any improvements you can make to your property to ensure everyone sees your property at its absolute best.


Thornton Properties’ agents thoroughly follow-up on each lead generated in relation to the sale of your property.


We present and explain each contract that is offered by a potential buyer. As this can often be the most stressful part of the real estate process, our agents are professionally trained to negotiate a deal in which you are comfortable with the outcome. Along with any offers presented, we screen each individual to ensure they are a qualified buyer.


Once a contract is agreed upon, your Thornton Properties’ agent monitors the deal through closing and property transfer. These tasks involve ensuring escrow monies have been received, attorney review conducted and loan secured for example.

Looking to sell a property? Contact Thornton Properties. We know Chicago real estate and we’re here to help.